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Raw materials

We are a very raw raw supplier suppliers. We need raw quality suppliers suppliers to ensure that our suppliers are in line with national industry standards, raw materials, steel To ensure the use of high reliability bearings, reducing the unpredictable downtime of the client. In view of the quality of raw materials and foreign joint parts. , The company has formulated strict and strict inspection procedures for incoming inspection procedures, including chemical composition analysis of raw materials, inspection of high and low metallographic organization and physical and chemical analysis of external materials, etc. To ensure that high-quality raw materials for The manufacture of TWZC high-quality bearing products.


Bearing rings using forging process processing, forging the workpiece metal flow distribution, increased material density.

Heat treatment
Heat treatment using advanced roller conveyor belt controllable atmosphere heat treatment continuous production . Quenching, tempering have five temperature control points, accurate temperature control, so that the internal structure of heat treatment parts better. The process of increasing the low-temperature cleaning process, reducing the retained internal austenite bearing to improve the bearing storage and use of the organization when the stability.

Grinding processing

1. Grinding all use high precision CNC grinding machine. High precision, high degree of automation, product consistency, high reliability of the product life.
2. Grind the processing of internal control standards for high control requirements.
3. Grinding process inspection, including the first piece of inspection, inspection process, the completion of inspection and so on.
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